A migrant worker dropped a hot soldering iron on his sleeping dog. They had come to America to find their fortune. They were great friends and faced many hardships together.
The dog didn't know about electrolytes. The dog didn't know that the hot Summer sun would sap his nervous system's ability to transmit the impulses required for movement. There was science to this that a dog couldn't understand. The dog did not know why he suddenly could not move, his four legs jutting out straight. The dog didn't know why his jaw was fused open, tongue hanging out letting what little moisture he had left escape. The dog could not, and would not ever understand why he could be born into a world where through no fault of his own his tail could be irrevocably robbed of its ability to wag.
A dog tumbles down a large rocky hill in Colorado and never begins to think that he'll die when he impacts at the bottom of the ravine.
A soaking wet stray pregnant dog has turned up on your doorstep, it is rolling around on its back, yelping, and you can see through the thin, distended skin of its belly a multitude of pups paddling about. Through the roiling amniotic fluid being churned by the foetal dogs, you begin to make out patterns and shapes of ill portent. Has this dog brought doom upon you?